why chess ?

chess is more than a board game. As a chess player you learn to analyze situations, evaluate options, plan strategically and solve problems, which help us be successful in our daily lives.

Classes For All Levels


We teach, Board and Pieces, How to Move ,Pawns, Castling, Illegal move, Notation, Check and Checkmate, Stalemate, Mate in 1& 2, Tactics.

Intermediate - I

We teach, Draws, Pin and Skewer, Decoy and Deflection, Fork and Clearance, Sacrifice, Attack, Endgame – I,  Opening- I, Clock, Preparing for Tournament

Intermediate - II

We teach, Endgame – II, Opening- II, Studies – I, Pawn Structure, Attacking the King, Defence, GM Games, Manoeuere, Weaknesses,  Parents Meeting

advanced - i

We teach, Improving the pieces, Attacking the King- II, Knight vs Bishop, Pawn Ending, Mistakes by Upcoming Players, Positional Play, Exchange Sacrifice, Studies – II, How to Analyse your game,  Parents Meeting

advanced - ii

We teach, Calculation, Studies – III, Passed Pawns, Active Defence, Initiative, GM Games Analysing, OB Endings, Good and Bad Bishops, Rook and Pawn Endingsm, Players Discussions.

software training

We teach,

» How to handle Chessbase

» Online Chess

» How to Handle Engines

Personal Training

Get deep into chess lessons with a selection of private chess teachers. Chess trainer for people who love chess and want to learn more with experienced teaching and playing chess across the nation.


From day one, the academy has been dedicated to furthering my son’s development as a chess player.


My daughter has absolutely loved Blooms. It has been especially great for her and so passionate and engaged in it. 


Bloom Cless academy has really helped to improve my daughter’s ability to focus, and improved her self-confidence!


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Sun : 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM

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