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Bloom Chess Academy

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25 years of coaching

Our trainers having 15+ years of coaching experience along with outstanding curriculum for students. We offer personal and online chess classes for students from beginner to advanced level.

Online training programs help to learn fast and become a better player. We have been coaching players from different parts of the world, and winning prizes in local, national level and international tournaments in different countries.


This Novice class teaches the basics of chess and is geared toward children. Topics discussed include how to move the pieces, basic tactics, fundamentals of opening theory, fundamentals of endgame play, and much more.


Intermediate sessions are for students who know the basics of chess, but want to know more. Students will be taught about increasingly complex middle game and endgame strategies as well as tactics. Students will look at high level games in order to learn about development and other aspects of the game.


Advanced sessions are for students who have been studying chess for a while and have a solid understanding of principles.  Advanced players will study the finer intricacies of chess including difficult endgames, specific openings using Chess software. Students will study high level games in order to improve.


Bloom Chess Academy has helped me to realize that an entirely new area of experiences have been made available to us.”

Mr. Jaya Kumar

Great entertainment but also works as a multi-functional tool, both in relation to the ego and to the intuition and creativity.

Ms. Rajeshwari

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