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With great coaching experience, our trainers possess extensive expertise in guiding students. Our exceptional curriculum ensures a comprehensive learning experience for students of all levels, from beginners to advanced.

We provide personalized and online chess classes, catering to individual needs. Our online training programs enable rapid progress and development, helping students become skilled players. We take pride in coaching aspiring players from various regions worldwide, resulting in remarkable achievements such as winning prizes in local, national, and international tournaments held in different countries.


The bigneer class is specifically designed for children, focus on teaching them the fundamentals of chess. The class covers various topics such as understanding piece movements, basic tactics, essential principles of opening theory, fundamental aspects of endgame play, and much more.


The Intermediate sessions cater to students who have a foundational understanding of chess and seek to expand their knowledge. These sessions goes into more intricate middle game and endgame strategies, as well as advanced tactics. Students will have the opportunity to analyze high-level games, gaining insights into important aspects such as game development and other strategic elements.


The Advanced sessions are tailored for students who have dedicated considerable time to studying chess and possess a strong grasp of its principles. In these sessions, advanced players will delve into the finer intricacies of chess, focusing on challenging endgames and exploring specific openings using Chess software. Additionally, students will analyze high-level games to enhance their skills and strive for improvement.


Mr.Velayudham provided basic chess education to whoever came to him. And generally, it was parents who were not financially well off who flocked to his Academy with children in tow.

Parents trust this man to do his best for their children and he does not disappoint them. His reputation grew by word of mouth and he found that scores of children flocked to him. 

Manuel Aaron

India's first International Master (IM)

I enthusiastically endorse Mr.Velayudham of Bloom Chess Academy as an exceptional chess coach. His deep knowledge, tailored coaching, and dedication to student success are remarkable. Mr.Velayudham inspire and motivate, producing impressive results. He is a true ambassador for chess, promoting fair play and sportsmanship. I wholeheartedly recommend his academy to any aspiring chess player.

D V Sundar

Former Secretary. All India Chess Federation.

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